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Getting Started is Simple:

  • Send 'Signup' as text message to (646) 760-4457

  • You will be prompted how to set up your profile and add friends

  • Once your account is approved/activated you can start sending requests to (646) 760-4457

  • You can create custom group lists for specific types of request like 'Ride', 'School', 'Work', 'Neighbors'

Examples of a request text:
  • 'At home need to get to work'
    (Your friends know where you live)

  • '$30 to take me to the airport for 3pm flight'
    (You can specify how much you'll pay them)

  • 'Grab my mail while I'm gone this week'
    (Doesn't actually have to be for a can request any kind of help)
  • 'Help my kid with homework'
    (Send to your own custom group you create aroud a specific topic)
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