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About MyFavor8

The reality of shared economy exists and MyFavor8 is the next logical progression to turn to our friends instead of turning to a system that requires third party vetting.

It was out of a need for a ride that MyFavor8 was born. Something simple as a group text to friends looking for some help, but eliminate the hassle of a group text when the replies get out of hand.

MyFavor8 functions on the principle that you create your own list of friends so there is no need for vetting who they are. You've done that already (they're your friends). There's no need for a fancy app interface because you call and text with these friends to figure out the details. Just a better way to communicate, strengthen your community, and support each other quickly, simply and thumb your nose at Super corporations trying to provide the same services you and your friends can provide to each other.
Recent Examples of a requests:
  • 'At home need to get to work'
    (Your friends know where you live)

  • '$30 to take me to the airport for 3pm flight'
    (You can specify how much you'll pay them)

  • 'Grab my mail while I'm gone this week'
    (Doesn't actually have to be for a can request any kind of help)
3:36 AM
$30 to take me to the airport for 3pm flight.
[C]onfirm you are requesting --$30 to take me to the airport for 3pm flight-- with 'C' as your reply.
Sending notifications to Rachel H, Daniel K, Sonia W, Elazar N, JD D, and Nili S. Your available request balance is now $4.00
Great News! Sonia W accepted your request! You should now reachout directly for final details.

We are currently in Beta Mode and you will have to pardon that appearance as we focus on making things work instead of just looking great

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