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Alpha Testers

MyFavor8 Alpha Testers will be done on an invite/approved bases only.
If you are interested in being an Alpha Tester it comes with some caveats.

Alpha Tester Caveats

  1. Your signup is pending and once we have made contact with you about using MyFavor8 we will approve your account.
  2. Only add friends you have already talked to about this and are friends you feel will enjoy participating...and are not of the type to try and rip off this idea. Your discretion on choosing the friends.
  3. Periodically actually make a few requests each week (1 or two would be fine but more is welcome if you don't think it is too annoying for your friends). It is suggested that if it is not a legit request to put 'TESTING' in the request so your friends would know.
  4. Provide feedback on everything that you experienced, good, bad, and things in between. When you are contacted about activating your account you'll get information on who to send feedback to.
  5. Costs:
  6. MyFavor8 uses other API's that have fees associated with sending text messages which we will cover. Your account will be pre-funded and each request will deduct a small fee.
  7. When your account balance gets low you can contact us to replenish your account or login to the system and use our funding links to Amazon Pay or PayPal to replenish your account in $5 increments.

We are currently in Beta Mode and you will have to pardon that appearance as we focus on making things work instead of just looking great

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